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Custom BuddyPress Developer and Designer


BuddyPress adds social networking functionality to your WordPress site. By extending the WordPress core functionality, BuddyPress creates a robust and powerful social platform through features like profiles, groups, activity streams, friendships, private messaging and more. The possibilities BuddyPress affords include creating a niche social network, a campus network, a private/internal social network for your company, or a social network for your product or fans.

Custom BuddyPress Design
Right out of the box BuddyPress is no frills and leaves a lot to be desired on the design front. If you’ve searched for templates you know the availability of BuddyPress templates is minimal, a number which decreases drastically if we drill down to those templates (we’d consider) well designed. And most have very few customization options. But there is a solution and that’s where we come in. We don’t build or sell themes to the masses. We specialize in one-of-a-kind custom BuddyPress design and BuddyPress programming. Every project is designed and built from the ground up, meaning we’re not retrofitting a theme we built, over and over and calling it custom to adapt to your needs. While there are a few well built BuddyPress themes out there, adapting them to your specific needs limits the vast flexibility and options BuddyPress offers. Your project or idea is unique, your BuddyPress site should be as well.

BuddyPress Experts
Hire us just design only or have us design, develop and launch your site. Our BuddyPress developer is a BuddyPress enthusiast, a WordPress/BuddyPress speaker, meetup organizer and conference organizer (BuddyCamp, WordCamp Miami – #wcmia). We understand BuddyPress inside and out and how to push its boundaries…  the UI/UX development to create the right experience, the intricacies of building a robust social network platform, custom BuddyPress theme design and development along with custom plugin development. If you have a BuddyPress project you’d like to discuss we’d love to hear from you!


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