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Change… it’s whats for dinner.



You may dig your nails in the dirt and go kicking and screaming into the night, but the simple truth remains: change is good for you as a professional and for your business as a whole. Here are some radical mistakes many companies make, and how you can avoid getting ‘stuck’ along the way.

Your Brand. If your brand isn’t memorable it’s probably time to attack the problem at its source: the brand. Your brand is the image of your company, and includes such components as logo, business name, and marketing media. Talking with a branding expert (us!) and discovering how to recreate and/or polish your image is worth your time.

Your Website. “It works for us! It’s simple and gets the point across! It’s only 8 years old!” Face it: you have customers who are more web-savvy than you. If your site is years old, there will be a dated quality to your online media—and by proxy, your company—that will send customers scurrying away. Talk to design professionals (us!) to redo your look.

Marketing. Don’t keep marketing your business using the exact same means and expect things to change. Go high tech — Facebook, tweet, post, advertise online — and consider low-tech means such as sales letters, calls, and networking. The bottom line: try something different!

SEO. If you’re not working on your website’s Search Engine Optimization continually you’re missing prospects. Today’s consumers feel empowered to search, seek and research their own suppliers. Be there… or be square 😉

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